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Infusion Ventures, Inc. is a specialty infusion nursing and vascular access company serving the New England States!

More About Us...

Infusion Ventures, Inc. has provided specialty infusion nursing and vascular access including PICC line insertions to the New England States since 1993!

Our expert nurses provide infusion nursing in all setting including home IV, long term care facilities , and infusion nursing staffing in physician offices and ambulatory infusion centers.

  • Infusion Ventures, Inc. collaborates with specialty pharmacies and home I.V. pharmacies to provide infusion nursing to clients with rare, chronic disorders.

  • Our expert nurses are leaders in specialty infusion and are committed to sharing their knowledge with your staff through in-services on all topics of infusion therapy.

  • Our staff is available 24/7 to answer any IV questions and to provide clinical support when needed to your clients and staff.

  • We provide speciality infusion nursing jobs and education throughout the New England States!

We are currently hiring infusion nurses in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire!
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Serving New England since 1993!

Infusion Ventures, Inc. delivers therapies that are caring and compassionate and follow all guidelines of the Joint Commission, INS, CDC, OSHA and various other regulatory agencies. We provide:

  • Vascular access, PICC line insertion, and infusion nursing in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maine, Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

  • Early assessment of clients for vascular access device services.

  • Specialists in IVIG therapy.

  • PICC/peripheral insertion using state of the art technology for placement including ultrasound guidance, micro introducer, and guidance system technology.

  • Implanted port device management.

  • Specialty infusion of various therapies including: IVIG, TPN, IV antibiotics, IV/SC pain management and other specialized IV/SC therapies.

  • Blood draws.

  • Removal of central venous access devices.

  • Documentation.

Our unique advantage...

Infusion Ventures, Inc. is dedicated to delivering superior, advanced infusion nursing therapies and vascular access products in an attentive, knowledgeable, compassionate manner.

Clients are treated with consideration, respect, and full recognition of dignity and individuality while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Infusion Ventures, Inc. identifies and provides the most efficient, evidence-based practice, top-quality infusion nursing care that will yield the best desired outcome.

The patient's care and well being is our first priority!