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Infusion Ventures, Inc. has provided specialty infusion nursing services to clients throughout New England since 1993. Infusion nursing support has been provided to specialty pharmacies, acute care hospitals, long term care facilities, LTACs, physician offices, ambulatory infusion centers and patientís homes. Our infusion nursing staff have the ability to competently manage clients of all ages, infancy through late adult. Our expertise is management of chronic care diagnoses, our experience is broad and includes hemophilia and Von Willebrands, IVIG, immune deficiencies, Gauchers, HAE , TPN, nutritional support, neurological disorders, MPS, IVAB, and cath care. Infusion nursing services support both on demand coverage as well as scheduled long term infusion therapy and cover the New England area. Clients are treated with consideration, respect, dignity, and individuality while maintaining confidentiality and privacy.

Our PICC and vascular access procedures are INS, CDC, and OSHA compliant and can be performed in a variety of settings. We follow practice standards outlined by INS, CDC, and AVA. Our certified nurses utilize state-of-the-art ultrasound techniques and precise tip location with catheters manufactured by industry leaders. Each PICC includes maximal sterile barriers, anti-microbial sterile dressings, needleless connectors specifically designed to address intraluminal thrombotic catheter occlusions and catheter-related bloodstream infections, sutureless stabilization and a local anesthetic for additional comfort during insertion. We ensure total quality with every PICC insertion through the availability of expert nurses as resources for education and management.

Midlines are often appropriate for homecare patients receiving non-caustic IV infusions lasting several days to several weeks. Midline insertions are performed using the same techniques used with our PICC line insertions. Midlines should not be confused with PICC lines and are intended for short-term use. Confirming x-rays are not needed, as midlines are not central lines. Staff education is critical with midlines as with other vascular therapies in homecare and long term care facilities.


As patients receive various vascular access therapies in a variety of settings, patient management is critical. Because the site of care in todayís health care environment often changes from hospital or specialty infusion clinic to home or long term care facility, our skilled staff of vascular access specialty nurses are poised to follow the patient throughout the plan of care no matter what the setting.
We are prepared to supplement staffing needs in the ambulatory infusion setting and physician offices, and act as an extension of the physician to home or long term care clients.

Infusion Ventures, Inc. offers to its clients a complete vascular access education program. Our expert nurses will come to your facility to teach your staff state-of-the-art vascular access skills including: Basic Peripheral IV Insertion, Central Venous Access Devices, and Advanced Troubleshooting for Central Lines. Our goal is to become an extension of your care through expert infusion nursing and vascular access services and training.